Property Management

As an investor, choosing the right Property Management Company is essential to your bottom line.  Our goal is to provide the best-in-class experience and solution for your investment.

We listen carefully, communicate professionally, and manage and maintain your investment with efficiency in an effort create a win-win rental experience for both owners and tenants. 

What makes us different from other Property Management Companies in your area?  It is our market niche.  Through our strategic partnerships & service, we enable our clients to earn sometimes double the rental rates in their area.  We have built strong relationships with relocation, corporate travel and insurance companies by which we provide fully furnished, all-inclusive rentals at prime rates. Our firm has over 50 years and Property & Project Management experience and have consulted over hundreds of property owners in recent and past years.  Our team of professionals are held to a high standard and are third generation real estate professionals and property managers. 

Our Values

We value the well-being of the owners, residents, and properties entrusted to us.

We value ethical behavior, accountability, and transparency; and are committed to those we serve.

Offer quality, well-maintained properties which exceed their client’s expectations.

We understand the unique challenges that each home can bring about, regardless of home age or type of client and are well-versed on what it takes to successfully manage properties.

We communicate, respect, and handle a legitimate conflict resolution issue politely and efficiently. We address issues with confidence and simplicity.

We prepare and provide well-appointed quality rentals to residents while maximizing the properties earning potential for our clients.

Available Properties:

Los Angeles, CA


Lake Balboa, CA

Lake Balboa, CA

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